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Strawberry Jam Filled Donuts with Anise Tea Glaze

Strawberry Jam Filled Donuts with Anise Tea Glaze

Strawberry jam filled donuts are a known classic - try making these with an elevated glaze no one will expect, using Dukkan's Anise tea. Strawberry and Anise go beautifully together, and we know this flavor combination will wow you!

In collaboration with Chef Nizar Aridi of Hayet Albi Bakery, we're sharing three Arab inspired donut recipes for perfectly balanced donuts made from scratch. Give these a try and check out our recipe video on Instagram made by Chef Nizar!





12 Donuts


1 Hour 





For Donuts:

All Purpose Flour 443g

Whole Milk 260g

Granulated Cane Sugar 35g

Butter, softened 45g

Kosher Salt 2g

Instant Yeast 7g

Eggs 2ct


For Frying:

Vegetable Shortening or any neutral frying oil


For Tea:

Dukkan Anise Tea 3ct Water 250g


For Filling:

1 Jar of Dukkan Strawberry Jam


For Glaze:

Powdered Sugar 340g

57g Brewed Dukkan Anse Tea

For Topping:

Candied Anise Seeds (Optional)


Step 1:

In the bowl of your stand mixer, combine all of the donut ingredients with exception of the softened butter. With your dough hook, begin to mix on low speed.


Step 2:

Once the dough just slightly comes together, begin to incorporate the softened butter. Knead on medium-low until the butter is evenly distributed in the dough, about 3-4 minutes. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rest for 1 hour.


Step 3:

After 1 hour is up, flour your work surface and begin to roll out your dough to 1cm thick and punch out your dough using a 3.75in pastry cutter. Place donuts on a floured parchment tray and cover lightly with plastic wrap and allow to proof in the oven with heat off but the light on for 1 hour.


Step 4:

After donuts have proofed, fry at 340 F for 1 min on each side. Allow to cool completely on a wire cooling rack before glazing and topping. Fill a piping bag with the jam and cut a small opening at the tip. Make a small incision into the side of the donut and fill with jam.


Step 5:

For the tea, brew 3 bags of Dukkan Anise Tea with 250g of water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool combine completely before adding 57g of the tea with 340g of powdered sugar. Whisk thoroughly to combine. Dip your donuts and top immediately with candied anise seeds. 

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