Strawberry Jam

12 oz. per jar

Strawberry Jam - $6.85

12 oz. per jar

Flavor notes: sweet, tart, bright


The Nile Delta, located along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, is known for its agriculture — which happens to include many a prolific strawberry farm. It's no wonder, then, that when it came to finding the most vibrant, flavorful strawberries to use in our jam, this was the region we headed to. Our process preserves the uniquely sweet quality of Egyptian strawberries while creating a rich, bright finish that makes this jam perfect on just about anything.

GMO Free

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$6.85 / item

Ingredients & Composition


Strawberry, sugar, fruit pectin, citric acid

How to use


Enjoy this with some butter on your morning toast, or create a nice little tea time moment by spreading some jam on a scone and having with your favorite shay.

Sustainably Sourced

The Beheira Province in Egypt (Al-Buhayrah) is located in Lower Egypt, taking up a good portion of the desert landscape. The region is home to several major archaelogical sites, including Abu El Matamir and Kafr El Dawwar, as well as some of the country's most prolific strawberry fields, thanks to the fertile farmland that sits along the Nile River delta.

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