Egyptian Dukkah

1.76 oz. per bottle

Egyptian Dukkah - $9.95

1.76 oz. per bottle

A taste of our Egyptian dukkah will instantly transport you to the streets of Cairo, where vendors along the Nile would often sell this nut-and-spice blend in paper cones along with simit or pita bread. The name of the spice actually comes from the Arabic word meaning "to pound," and references the dry-roasted nuts and sesame seeds that are crushed or pounded together to create a warm and toasty spice blend. Our dukkah can be used with almost anything imaginable. 

Our dukkah uses almonds and hazelnuts for a rich yet subtly sweet flavor that's rounded out by fennel, sesame, coriander, and cumin seeds.

Dukkah keeps well when stored in a cool place. Just know that if you store it alongside your other spices, you’ll be grabbing it so often you’ll be making all your other spices jealous.

GMO Free

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Ingredients & Composition


Almonds, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper, fennel seeds, sea salt, hazelnut

How to use


Dukkah can be paired with anything imaginable. We like sprinkling it on our eggs, avocado toast, or you can add it to labneh or Greek yogurt to make a dip. It can also be used to season grilled meat or baked fish. 

Sustainably Sourced

Located in the western desert of Egypt, the Bahariya Oasis (El Wahat el Bahariya) is a region where major steps have been made to "green" the desert. Through biodynamic agriculture, organizations and farmers have been able to convert portions of the desert landscape into fertile, prolific farmland that supports a sustainable cycle of growth year-round. We work directly with farmers in the region to ensure a transparent, sustainable, and ethical production process from start to finish.

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