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Dukkah Spiced Eggs Benedict

Dukkah Spiced Eggs Benedict

Dukkah Spiced Eggs Benedict are neither a traditional shakshukah nor are they a typical eggs benedict recipe. This recipe combines the intense flavor of a mediterranean breakfast with things we love about eggs benedict on a Saturday morning: the marriage of a rich hollandaise sauce mingling with the yolk which runs when broken into; the doughiness of an English muffin, and the potent saltiness of bacon or smoked salmon that pulls all these elements together. 

We love our eggs with Dukkan Dukkah spice blend, a spice blend that once was a staple in every Egyptian pantry. Today, breakfast cereals and other fast breakfast alternatives have replaced the tradition of a breakfast that one lingers over, reading the daily paper and sipping on tea. 

Dukkah is a combination of spices and ground nuts that includes cumin, almonds, hazelnuts, fennel, sesame, and coriander. Some households make their dukkah with peanuts, almonds or hazelnuts, but the best recipe includes a combination of hazelnuts and almonds with only the most fragrant spices. 

Eaten as a dry dip with pita bread for breakfast or light supper, the pleasure derived from eating dukkah is experiencing the powdery delight of fresh and pungent spices, and the moment of near-ecstasy when all these flavors are dancing on one’s tongue.


We liberally pour our dukkah blend on our eggs Benedict for seasoning before serving. It elevates the dish and takes us back to the spice stalls of Cairo. As we say in Egypt: Bel hanna wel shefa!







30 minutes

Author: Dukkan Foods



 Two poached eggs

Two English muffins

Smoked ham, bacon or chicken sausage

Hollandaise sauce



     Step 1

    Poach your eggs by boiling water with a few spoons of vinegar. If you don’t have an egg-poaching silicone mold, crack an egg into a ladle and gently drop it into the water by swirling the ladle to contain your egg and allow it to start to cook. Once it looks firm, ladle it out and allow it to cool on a plate with kitchen towels. Repeat until you have all your eggs prepared. 


    Step 2

    Layer your eggs on your bread base, choice of meat or sausage, and serve your Hollandaise sauce on top and sprinkle with dukkah generously. You can even add a side of fresh greens and avocado with a sprinkle of dukkah.

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    • Dukkah Spiced Eggs Benedict Breakfast Recipe | Dukkan

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