Egyptian Breakfast Bundle

8.8 oz. and 12.3 oz per jar

Egyptian Breakfast Bundle - $17.85

8.8 oz. and 12.3 oz per jar

Some people's idea of a power couple is George and Amal Clooney. Our power couple duo is our tahini and molasses bundle. Think of this popular pairing like the peanut butter and jelly of Egypt. Each product is deliciously gorgeous on its own, but together, an unstoppable force of flavor, nutrients, and energy-boosting power.

Egyptian molasses is known to have really high levels of iron, oftentimes used as a homeopathic remedy for those feeling sick or suffering from iron deficiencies. Tahini’s antioxidant properties and healthy fats make it a great addition to any dish.

Fair Trade
GMO Free

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Ingredients & Composition


Tahini: organic sesame paste

Molasses: sugarcane molasses

How to use


We recommend a spoonful of molasses or tahini in your morning smoothie or on yogurt with some granola. This is a great breakfast for young children who can have tahini and molasses spread on toast for them, or dip into it with pita bread. 


Tahini can also be used as dressing for salads, condiment for falafel, or accompaniment for kofta and other fresh-off-the-grill favorites.

Sustainably Sourced

We source the organic sesame seeds for our tahini and the sugarcane for our molasses from two major areas in the Middle East: North Sudan and El Menia in southern Egypt. Each of these spots is known for its prolific farms and agriculture, and we work directly with farmers in both regions to ensure a transparent, sustainable, and ethical production process from start to finish.

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Egyptian Breakfast Bundle