12.3 oz. per jar

Molasses - $7.85

12.3 oz. per jar

Flavor notes: bright, acidic, bittersweet


To say that even the strongest sweet tooth would find its perfect match in molasses would hardly be an understatement. Known in Arabic as assel eswed, or black honey, molasses has a rich, slightly caramelly flavor that makes it a go-to natural sweetener for different dishes and preserves. Of course, on special occasions — you know, like, Saturdays or something — you might also treat yourself to a spoonful or two straight from the jar. (No judgments.)

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Ingredients & Composition


Sugarcane molasses

How to use


Mix it with tahini to create a dip for pita bread or feteer meshaltet, a flaky Egyptian pastry often enjoyed for breakfast.

Sustainably Sourced

In Africa, Egypt and Sudan fall within the top three sugarcane producers. For our molasses, we source the sugarcane from both North Sudan and a region in Upper Egypt called El Menia, which oddly enough is located in the south. We work directly with farmers in both regions to ensure a transparent, sustainable, and ethical production process from start to finish.

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