1.23 oz. per bottle

Baharat - $8.95

1.23 oz. per bottle

Flavor notes: warm, sweet, earthy


If there's one key lesson you'd learn from sharing a kitchen with our Arab grandmas and moms, it's this: you can never — and we mean never — have too many spices. Baharat, which literally translates to “spices” in Arabic, is a go-to all-purpose blend of spices that livens up any dish thanks to its versatility. While the exact ingredients may vary depending on the country or region, our signature baharat blend uses elements like woodsy thyme, warm cinnamon, and aromatic cloves to give it its distinctly warm flavor.

(Also, just for the record, if our grandmas and moms are, in fact, letting you hang in the kitchen with them without complaining that you're in the way, you should consider yourself very, very lucky.)

GMO Free

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Ingredients & Composition


Thyme, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, chili, kebabeh

How to use


Use this blend to add richness to anything from meat, grains, and vegetables to sauces, stews, and soups.

Sustainably Sourced

Located in the western desert of Egypt, the Bahariya Oasis (El Wahat el Bahariya) is a region where major steps have been made to "green" the desert. Through biodynamic agriculture, organizations and farmers have been able to convert portions of the desert landscape into fertile, prolific farmland that supports a sustainable cycle of growth year-round. We work directly with farmers in the region to ensure a transparent, sustainable, and ethical production process from start to finish.

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