Molasses Coffee Latte

Molasses Coffee Latte

Who doesn’t love a good latte? As flavored coffee has become a global phenomenon, think pumpkin spice latte and its like, we couldn’t help but wonder how we could make coffee, a beverage that's mostly consumed thick and sweet in the Middle East by way of Turkish coffee, a little intense on the caffeine but still super intense with a unique flavor? 

With winter upon us, and cold morning commutes a thing we have to deal with again, it’s worth making yourself a molasses coffee latte: a regular latte with a spoon or two of molasses. Think of it like a bullet coffee but probably healthier, lighter and tastier.  The trick to a molasses coffee latte is to use a good molasses that isn’t bitter or too dark. Egyptian molasses is more floral in flavor, lighter in color and less condensed than other molasses you can find in the market. Make and drink this when you’ve woken up but still feel like you could use a boost of energy for that morning commute or a long day ahead of you.







15 Minutes




1 cup dairy of choice 

1 serving espresso OR 

½ cup concentrated filtered coffee

1 ½ tablespoon Dukkan Molasses


Step 1:

Heat your milk in a milk frother or on the stove top over medium heat until it starts to bubble. 


Step 2:

Combine with your coffee, and then stir in the Dukkan Molasses. Drink up!

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