Labneh Balls

Labneh Balls

We’ve recently discovered that our dukkah spice blend makes labneh balls absolute flavor bombs. What are labneh balls? Just the easiest thing you can imagine making at home and seasoning with Dukkan Dukkah. 


Labneh is essentially a cheese made from strained yoghurt, and it’s incredibly easy to make at home. In the Middle East, many families used to make a lot of their own foods such as yoghurt, jams and pickles at home. Some of these traditions and habits still continue to this day, even as many opt to buy some of these ingredients and items from supermarkets to cut down on time and effort spent in the kitchen. But, those who are very particular about their labneh still choose to make their labneh at home. 

Many Greek yoghurt brands in the market today are thick and have a rich taste. To Middle Eastern palates, they taste like labneh and some spread thick Greek yoghurt onto toast in the morning in lieu of labneh. Those who enjoy a more tart and concentrated taste often reach out for labneh balls; labneh that has been strained of almost all of its liquid and then rolled by hand into small balls. Once formed, they’re submerged in olive oil so that they can keep for longer periods of time. 

Labneh balls are great for breakfast with some pita bread and cucumbers, or as a mezze with drinks in the evening. To add flavor and variety to the labneh balls, you can roll them in spices, dried herbs or crushed nuts. We love making labneh balls with Dukkan’s Dukkah spice blend. Labneh balls look beautiful once cased in spices, and are great visually on a dinner table. Children also really enjoy them, and it can be a great and healthy after-school snack for hungry young ones. 

We recommend using a 50/50 ratio of goat and regular yoghurt for a more tart taste, or otherwise sticking to regular yoghurt. If using regular yoghurt, it will require more time to drain its water content. We recommend sourcing a good-quality cheesecloth and deep bowl such as a glass mixing bowl to drain the yoghurt.



Breakfast, Mezze


24 Balls


30 Minutes

Author: Dukkan Foods


12 cups yoghurt

Approx. 4 cups olive oil 




Step 1:

Lay your cheesecloth over your bowl and scoop your yoghurt into the bowl. Tie your cheesecloth by gathering the four corners together and then using one corner to collect and tighten the others to form a hobo sac. Place your sac on a sieve and then rest this sieve over your bowl. Your sieve will allow liquid from your cheesecloth to drop into your bowl. To quicken the process, you can place a heavy plate or two on top of the sac so that it presses down on the sac. Leave in the fridge overnight or until it feels like all liquid has been drained from your cheesecloth. 


Step 2:

The labneh will have very little liquid, but enough for you to be able to roll small amounts between the palms of your hands. Moisten your palms with olive oil so that you can easily roll balls about the size of a golf ball. Place them in jars and cover them with enough olive oil so that they’re totally submerged. This will help them keep in the fridge for about three months.


Step 3:

You can prepare labneh balls for mezze or breakfast meals by taking a jar out of the fridge a few hours before you want to serve them. This will allow the olive oil to turn back into liquid after forming into a solid in the fridge, and for you to be able to retrieve balls from the jar. To season the labneh with Dukkan Dukkah or Dukkan Za’atar, sprinkle a good amount of dukkah or zaatar onto a plate and roll each ball onto the plate until evenly coated. Transfer the labneh balls onto their serving dish and serve within an hour or so to maintain their freshness and flavor.

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