Hot Chocolate Tahini Drink

Hot Chocolate Tahini Drink

If peanut butter and jelly is the world’s most successful marriage of sandwich spreads, hot chocolate and tahini is the universe’s most successful marriage of drinkable ingredients. Take our word for it, we’re hot chocolate aficionados. Peppermint hot chocolate you say? No, that leaves a strangely sweet aftertaste that doesn’t taste real and doesn’t feel like it adds more to our hot chocolate, but rather, detracts from it. 

Hot chocolate is like comfort food: whenever you drink it, it’s going to make you smile and give you warm fuzzy feelings. Granted, it does help to keep you warm, but we’re talking about those warm fuzzy feelings that come from being reminded of childhood winter holidays with your family around a fireplace, or else being outdoors in the snow. 

Our recipe for an easy homemade hot chocolate includes a good dollop of tahini. Why? When chocolate is combined with nuts, flavors explode. One helps to bring out the best in the other, and they do a merry jig of flavors together like two old folks who know how to dance. Think hazelnuts and milk chocolate, or salted almonds and dark chocolate. 

Although most hot chocolate in the market today is ready-made and comes from a box in powder form, it’s possible to make an easy homemade hot chocolate at home. Getting creative with winter drinks can be fun, and we like having options that don’t limit us to caffeinated beverages, especially if it’s a cold day and you’re trying to keep warm without wearing a million layers.. 

We like the idea of bringing back traditional, thick, syrupy hot chocolate. The kind that makes you swoon with the first sip at the delicious decadence that a few good beans of cocoa can elicit when combined with milk and some sugar. Although hot chocolate powder  from a box can taste good and satisfy that craving for something sweet during a cold day, we prefer something that’s healthier, richer and free of preservatives. 

For our hot chocolate tahini drink, we recommend you use the best tahini you can get your hands on so you don’t get the bitter aftertaste that comes with some tahinis. We believe that Dukkan Tahini is the best you could use for all your recipes because of its  pure ingredients. By using only the best sesame seeds, you get a taste that's smooth and silky.







15 Minutes

Author: Dukkan Foods


1 ½ cups preferred milk of choice 

30 grams dark chocolate buttons 

1 drop vanilla extract

Pinch of cornstarch 

2 teaspoons sugar

1 tablespoon Dukkan Tahini



Step 1

Heat your milk on the stove over a low heat until it boils, making sure it doesn’t boil over. 


Step 2

Using a whisk, add the chocolate buttons, vanilla extract, cornstarch and whisk until fully combined and the milk thickens. 


Step 3

Add your tahini and whisk to combine. Serve and drink up!


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