Hot Toddy with Anise Tea

Hot Toddy with Anise Tea

What’s not to love about a hot toddy on a cold day? We love hot toddies both for their taste and their somewhat medicinal properties– with a good serving of hot honey and lemon, surely any cold on the way will be held at bay! 

Hot toddies don’t take too much prep: all you need is honey, lemon, a good strong whiskey, hot water and a cinnamon stick. You can always vary the hot toddy by making it with rum or brandy. Our recipe uses Dukkan Anise Tea as a base for the hot toddy. Anise tea is consumed all throughout the Middle East, and grandmothers cite it as the best tea for coughs and sore throats. By combining two power drinks together, a hot toddy with anise tea, we think we’ve got a good winter elixir on our hands.  

To make this spin on a hot toddy, you start by creating a simple syrup with the anise tea. The anise helps to imbue more flavor into the drink and give it a bit of a spicy spin. What’s essential with a good hot toddy is that you don’t skimp on the lemon juice or the honey- it’s what really helps you keep a sniffle away. If you’re taking medication, don’t drink alcoholic beverages, but if you want a nice pick me up and have friends and family coming over for dinner or game night, this hot toddy with anise tea is the perfect drink to make and pass around.







30 Minutes




1 cup water 

3 cups sugar 

2 teabags Dukkan Anise Tea

3 ounces whiskey OR 

3 ounces rum OR

3 ounces brandy 

2 tablespoons honey 

Juice of 2 lemons


Step 1:

Boil the sugar with 1 cup of water with the anise tea bags so as it steeps it flavors the simple syrup. Once the water and sugar boils and starts to form the simple syrup, remove the tea bags.


Step 2:

Boil 2 cups of water. Pour into individual mugs and then top off by dividing the simple syrup, honey, whiskey and lemon juice equally. Serve and enjoy warm.

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